Remember these 5 things if you are credit card user

Many people don’t know about credit card that how it works but India has 28.8M users of Credit card. Because credit card is very necessary for everyone and its very helpful to you. When you don’t have the money you can buy easily anything with credit card, sometimes you need money but you don’t have cash in your wallet or you don’t have balance in your bank account, if you have credit card you can buy anything by swapping it, you can use it internationally. So here is some tips i’m sharing with you my experience.

  1. Transaction details : Now days every bank offering many type of cards. You should know about your card details. Many people using credit card but they are too busy in business or job they don’t have get time to check their card transaction details. Sometime we don’t know about some transaction and we pay it. It is totally depends on which type of user you are. I mean if you are not using mobile app of that credit card you will forget about your transaction because when you will get time, you will login with laptop to check details. So i want to say you to use mobile apps to know about transaction that you have done or not.
  2. Taxes and interest : These are very important for you because some time we pay taxes or interest higher than EMI. It happens because when we don’t pay total outstanding amount or EMI. Sometime we pay minimum due amount then card department charge us extra charges. So always remember to keep your outstanding amount very low or clear, you can pay in installments before your new bill cycle starts.
  3. Always avoid fake calls : These days there are lot of hackers who want to steal your credit card details. If they get your card details they will misuse it. Sometime we receive unknown calls and someone ask us about our credit card details like our card number, pin etc but always remember bank will never ask your card details and pin. Be alert when you receive these type of calls and inform to police and your bank.
  4. Always talk to your customer support for EMIs : I have seen that many people create EMIs by self. Always remember creating EMIs by self you have to pay extra. Let the customer support know that which type of EMI you can take. Sometime bank offers you good. Don’t transfer any amount to other credit card without asking your customer support because they can tell you better options.
  5. Choose credit card according to budget : There are many type of credit cards available but sometime bank offers you better credit card but do you know about annual fee about that card? This is very necessary to know your budget if you will not do any transaction then too, you will have to pay that annual fee. So think about it before upgrading your credit card.

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