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Today we are talking about how to earn online. Guys i’m not going to tell you any fake trick and this is not a trick to earn money. Its a work you can say job like when you do some work at your office or shop and you receive money. So it is same like a job. I’m talking about an app NewsDog, you can earn a lot of money with newsdog app you can find it on google playstore. And you will have to work for newsdog then they will give you money.

  • How it works : First of all you need to signup at with your email then you will receive a confirmation email, then you will need to verify your email account. Now fill a form and enter your PAN card number and name. Remember guys your name should be match with pan card and you if don’t have pan card go and get it then you can start the work.
  • What we need to do : Guys you need to do is write articles. Article means you need to write anything which you like and that article should look attractive and professional. You can choose technical news, about gadgets, fashion, politics, entertaining articles etc. But remember don’t copy and paste you will have to write own article own thoughts.
  • Where my article will visible : Your article will be in pending because newsdog team will verify your article that you have write genuine content or copied from somewhere after verifying they will approve your article and it will visible on newsdog app. You can check your articles on app by selecting that category which you was selected.
  • How much money you will get : Guys this is not confirm but you will get money as you expected because prices are not fixed. It depends on views that how many views you have got.
  • What not to do : Don’t open your article by your own again and again because your account could be suspend when newsdog team will know that your are checking own post to increase views they will suspend your account for bad activity.
  • How to get views : You can use trending topics that what is in trending these days or you can share your article on social media, tell your friends to share on whatsapp and facebook you will get lot of traffic on your article.

I will post some new articles for you keep visiting website for latest updates and if you want to ask anything you can ask by commenting here. Thank you

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