How to sell things online

Selling online  is easy now. We are telling you what you need before selling online.
All you need :
  1. LLP/Proprietorship/Pvt Ltd company
  2. GST
  3. Current Bank Account
  4. Trademark

These four things you should have to start selling online business

  • LLP/Proprietorship/Pvt Ltd company : Now Its easy and simple to get registered as a company or proprietorship. You can obtain registration certificate within 15 to 20 days. Just contact any good CA or Lawyer of Sales Tax Department. They will help to obtain your certificate, yes they will charge for the registration min 15000 if you are registering a Pvt Ltd company but if you registering a LLP or Proprietorship they will charge min 7000 for it. You can contact me i have some contact details of CA and Lawyers.
  • GST : Contact a CA for this also because they have contacts and setting with officers they will provide  you GST number early. And remember if you don’t GST number, you can’t sell online its mandatory to have.
  • Current Bank account : It is also mandatory for online selling business to have a current bank account because you will receive the money of your earnings in this account. You can open your  account in any bank.
  • Trademark : When your business will grow you will need to have a trademark of your products if you are selling your own brand your business will grow and other sellers  will see your product’s review. And they can steal your brand name if your brand is not registered as a trademark. You can understand

After obtaining all these things you can start selling online on your website and other e-commerce site like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues etc. I will recommend you to sell on other websites, not on your own website. Other site like snapdeal, flipkart etc will charge a little amount of commission when you will get an order and on every order. Don’t be scared I’m already a seller and i’m doing the same. Thank you

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