Google really worried about Youtube vs Facebook Videos?

As we know facebook launched a big platform for videos, this feature was available everywhere but monetization option was not available in many countries like India. But now facebook launched monetization feature in India too. It means now you are going to use facebook as youtube, no no its not youtube clone but it could better than youtube.

How it is possible?

I think you already know about google’s biggest social network “Orkut” ? Let me tell if you don’t know about orkut. It was an awesome social network i also used to spend hours on orkut but in 2004 facebook was launched by Mark then slowly slowly facebook kicked orkut and google users were started to switch on facebook. Then google tried to change orkut but people were being addicted of facebook. Google was working hard on orkut to get back their users on orkut but i think new orkut was the big mistake of google because i also didn’t liked new orkut. Then finally Google decided to shutdown their social network forever. And now again facebook launched new platform now you know what i want to say.

How it could be better than youtube?

Youtube is the world’s biggest video platform everyone using it and this is the best way to earn money online, many advertisers spending lots money to grow their business with advertisements that’s why they are paying to Youtube. And youtubers earning by creating unique content on youtube. Its very difficult and easy to earn on youtube. Here you are uploading videos on youtube and youtube redirecting ads on your videos and this is the way to earn online because youtube paying you for advertisement on videos which is uploaded by you. But now facebook video monetization is available in India, if you are youtuber or you want to earn by uploading videos then facebook could be good option for you because facebook having big advertisers and they are paying large amount to facebook. And everyone using facebook these days so your videos could be viral easily, if your one video goes viral you can earn lots of money. That’s why i think facebook can be better than youtube.

Google had shutdown orkut forever because of Facebook, now facebook launched video platform too.

It was my personal opinion, i don’t hate google that’s it. Please comment your opinion. Thank you


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