Facebook launched monetization feature in India

We were waiting for the monetization option on facebook and finally facebook launched monetization option in India too. Monetization option was available in other countries from years but not in India. Facebook was preparing for it and now it is available in India too. Many advertisers are participating in facebook advertisement system. This is a good opportunity for every facebook user who have good audience and good page which is active. If you have a good active facebook page you can earn lots of money on facebook by monetization system.

What is monetization ?

Its an option to display advertisements on videos or articles. Suppose you have a facebook page and a blog, you can link your website/blog with instant article option on your facebook page. When instant article will gets approved by facebook your blog will be monetized with facebook ads. If someone clicks on ads you will get money by advertisements. If you are uploading own videos on your facebook page you will see ads in videos too and this is the best way to earn money by doing smart work.

How to earn with facebook?

Requirement :

  • A facebook page with minimum 1000 likes
  • Website or blogger
  • Good articles
  • Brain

If you have a website and facebook page you are done. Configure the instant article option on your facebook page and post minimum 5 articles on your website then facebook will check the article, after approving your request you can earn lots of money.

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