Earn money through youtube

Everyone want to earn money these days but many people don’t know that they can earn money through youtube videos. I was thinking about to make an article on youtube earning and how to make a youtube channel but now i think you already know about creating youtube channel and youtube earning. Let me explain

When youtube gives money?

Many people were asking me when youtube  gives money to channel. Actually youtube is not giving you money, but youtube has many advertisers and sponsors who are paying to youtube  for advertisements. Now you can understand what youtube  doing. Youtube is taking 55% money of advertisement and giving you 45% money only. Content is yours video is yours hard work is yours but why youtube taking 55% ? Youtube also doing hard work to promote videos and they also have employees who are working to keep an eye on your videos. You are creating content to make money online and youtube is giving you payments. Thats it.

How much youtube paying on 1 view ?

Don’t calculate it because no one knows that how much youtube paying to publishers on 1 view because the ad rates are not fixed. Some time it can be higher and some it can be lower no one knows about it. Many people saying youtube paying $1 per 1000 views but this is also wrong. RPM rates are not fixed. Keep making videos and don’t think about money. Money will come automatically.

What is monetization ?

Youtube added a feature named it monetization. When you will enable this feature on your youtube channel the advertisement will be start to show on your videos. But remember youtube has announced early that now you will have to complete 10000 views first then this feature will be enable on your youtube channel. Youtube has announced that they will not show ads on sexual content. So make genuine and helpful content if you want to earn money.

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