How to earn money with Admob

Hello guys today i’m going to tell you how to earn with google’s admob. You will have to work on daily basis on admob.

What is Admob?

Its a feature of Google which allows you to create advertisement campaign on Android apps. Many people don’t understand what is the profit of that developer or app owner who are creating shayri , joke or any other app. Let me tell you they are earning by you. When you use any type of app you will see pop up ads or banner ads if you are not clicking on banner then you are giving impression to app owner and it help him to maintain CTR for his adsense account. If you click on any ads, the app owner will get money in their Admob account then he can transfer money through  adsense account. All he need to collect minimum 100 dollar to transfer in his bank account. So it was the admob process.

How you can earn with admob?

  • Step 1 : First of all you need to create account  on admob then it will ask you to connect your adsense account with admob. You can connect you existing adsense account but if you don’t have the adsense account you can create new.
  • Step 2 : Now you need to create an Android app, don’t worry if you don’t know programming, there are many websites available where you can create android apps free and without any coding knowledge like Thunkable, Appybuilder or appgeyser.
  • Step 3 : Create an app on Admob then create banner ads or video ads and copy ad unit code, then goto your app where you created the app for e.g. appybuiler and paste. I will create a video on it for more information.
  • Step 4 : Goto menu and click on build apk. You have done.

How it will work :

You can publish your app on google playstore or if you don’t have playstore account then you can share with your friends or you can upload it on blog or website to get downloaded by others. You will earn money when someone will click on ads. When it will be 100 dollars you can transfer it to your bank account.

Note :

Do not click by your own on you ads because it is against google’s policy violation. Google can suspend your account for invalid activity. I will post a video on my youtube channel for information about admob.


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