How to get 4000 hours watch time on youtube

Youtube launched new rule for every new creator to monetize their videos, i have already published an article about new rule of youtube, you can read that from this link if you don’t know about it. If you want to get 4000 hours watch time on your youtube channel you can get it by doing little hard work, follow these steps.

What is watch time ?

Watch time means, if you have uploaded a 10 min video on your channel and 6 person have watched full video, then you will get 1 hour watch time. And i think if you have good content then you will achieve 4000 hours watch time easily.

  • Unique videos : Now everyone want to earn money early so they decide to create youtube videos, youtube was giving you money for uploading videos, it means you should not re-upload someone’s video. Don’t copy someone’s content, create it  by your own, choose unique topic or trending topic and make a video, upload it.
  • Daily upload : Its time to upload more and more videos on daily basis. These days it will help you to increase views and watching by choosing trending topics like these days Jio is a trending topic. You should do research about what is trending today and select that create video and upload. You should upload minimum 1 video daily to make your channel active and choose attractive thumbnail, it will grab to more attention.
  • Don’t upload sexual content : I will say no to sexual content because youtube has announced clearly that they will not show ads on sexual contents. If you have uploaded sexual content on youtube and ads are being visible on your videos, don’t think youtube has allowed it they can terminate your channel anytime.
  • Create vlog : You can try vlogs because if you are creating interesting vlogs where people never visited they will watch your video to know about the place. Suppose i never visited USA and you have traveled  USA and recorded about places and malls, buildings or famous places in USA. I will watch your video because i never visited USA. It will be perfect option to achieve 4000 hours watch time for your channel.

How to get 1000 subscriber ?

Its easy to achieve 1000 subscriber if you have completed 4000 hours watch time. Because 4000 hours watch time means 2,40,000 views. If your channel have completed these target you will get more than 1000 subscribers easily.

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