Very bad news for Youtubers | Google’s new policy

If you are thinking about to start a youtube channel and want to earn money with monetization then it will be very hard work for you because youtube changed their policy in 2018, we used to start a youtube channel very easily 1 year ago, it was very easy to turn on monetization option on youtube channels then google was serving ads on your videos and you were earning money but youtube decided earlier to define a criteria for every new youtubers to reach 10000 views on their channel then they will enable monetization option. But now in 2018 youtube has announced new policy all youtubers will have to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber before 20 February on their channel, if you are existing youtuber then you will have to complete this task before 20 Feb then monetization option will remain continue otherwise they will terminate your adsense account and when you will reach the required criteria they will re-enable monetization on your channel.

Why Youtube did it?

As you know youtube is earning money from advertisers and now everyone want to earn money, everyone thinking its easy to earn money from youtube. Many youtubers are uploading useless videos, sexual videos, copyrighted content and they are earning money with these bullshit ideas. But advertisers are leaving youtube because they know that youtube spending their money on those useless creators. That’s why they are saying to youtube that i don’t want to spend money on youtube and it was the big loss for youtube, then youtube decided to launch new policy to get rid of useless contents and bad creators because achieving 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers before 20 February is not easy. It will be a big challenge for new youtubers and existing youtubers to achieve this target.

How to save your channel?

Its not easy now to save your channel if you have not reached the required criteria, i will say all you can do is hardwork, you should upload new videos daily you have 1 month to save your channel. Its a notice for every youtuber to complete this target before 20 February 2018 otherwise your monetization will be terminated. And remember never violate google’s policy. My channel is also going to be terminated i have 2500 hours watch time only but i’m working hard to get this target.

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