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I know you were looking for free wifi, i want to tell you guys a very simple trick and this is not hacking its a technique to use free wifi. Now days people using jio for internet but you can try this trick if you dont have a jio phone. All you need is a rooted android mobile. Hope you know about how to root a phone. If you don’t know i’m giving you a software to root your android mobile easily. Try VRoot-download , install this software on your laptop/desktop and connect your mobile with USB. Make sure developer mode is enabled in your mobile. Vroot will auto connect everything, it will install USB driver for your handset then your phone will restart automatically. After restarting you will see confirmation message on screen.

After rooting what to do?

If you have successfully rooted your mobile, all you need is to search in playstore “ WPS Tester

You will see many apps are available but download only “WPS Tester” app

How to use it?

After downloading this app you will see a search button, click on that, app will scan wifi networks in your area. You will see two type of wifi router name 1. which is in red color 2.which is in green color. You need to click on green wifi, there will be two option, automatic and manual. You can try both, you will get lots of pin as a password. Enjoy….

This article is only for education purpose only.

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