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Now you can grow your business with android apps, i’m telling you its very simple and easy. If you have developed your android app and want to upload on playstore, i’ll do it for you without any charge, yes you can send me your android app and i will upload it. Your app will be available within 24Hrs on playstore.

Why i will upload your apps?

Because i have google developer account and i can upload lots of apps on playstore. If you want to create google developer account goto google developer console and create it. You will need a credit card to pay $25 as a one time fee. After paying 25 dollar you can upload lots of apps easily. That’s why i’m saying you to send your apps, i will upload it free.

How to send app :

You can send it on info@adyblaze.com and after sending app, inform me here in comments.

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Adil Rasheed
Adil Rasheed
Adil Rasheed known as Ady Blaze on internet, I'm a professional blogger, developer, designer who loves to write unique articles. I'm from Lucknow India, I'm a businessman but i like to write new articles. I'm Oracle Certified Programmer yes i know about programming and i love it. My father was a teacher and he passed away in 2010. I created this site in 2012 but the motive of this site was different it was a forum in 2012 but now i totally changed this site into a blog.

Email- adil.rasheed@adyblaze.com

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  1. My buddy advised We would quite possibly in this way blog site. This individual once was completely correct. This organize actually built my personal morning. You simply can’t contemplate just how much time I had spent just for this facts! Many thanks!

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