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Everyone know about youtube and online videos but do you know about youtube trending page. Okay if you don’t know about youtube trending videos and page i gonna tell you about this. So guys youtube trending page is main page of youtube i mean you can it home page. Its a place where top interesting videos and most viral videos appears everyday. So i was talking about trending page now i gonna tell about trending videos. Everyone knows about roomers and what’s going on in India because everyone using social networks and social apps. Youtube selects only viral videos and famous youtuber’s video. You can say which video have 1 million or any channel whom have many subscribers, youtube will select new videos of that channel on trending page.

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Adil Rasheed
Adil Rasheed
Adil Rasheed known as Ady Blaze on internet, I'm a professional blogger, developer, designer who loves to write unique articles. I'm from Lucknow India, I'm a businessman but i like to write new articles. I'm Oracle Certified Programmer yes i know about programming and i love it. My father was a teacher and he passed away in 2010. I created this site in 2012 but the motive of this site was different it was a forum in 2012 but now i totally changed this site into a blog.


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