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Hurry up!!!! Our registration form is open now, you can sell your products to all over India. This portal is under construction but you can submit the seller registration form. Our selling fee is not decided yet but we will announce it soon because this website is under construction. Fill the registration form correctly if you will fill false information you will be ban for 30 days. For any doubts you can send an email to we will resolve your confusion. Thank you

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Adil Rasheed
Adil Rasheed
Adil Rasheed known as Ady Blaze on internet, I'm a professional blogger, developer, designer who loves to write unique articles. I'm from Lucknow India, I'm a businessman but i like to write new articles. I'm Oracle Certified Programmer yes i know about programming and i love it. My father was a teacher and he passed away in 2010. I created this site in 2012 but the motive of this site was different it was a forum in 2012 but now i totally changed this site into a blog.


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