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How to make a website

If you want to make a website and you don’t know how to create it, i’m going to explain how you can create a stunning website without any programming. Many websites are providing options to create a website without any charge like blogger, wordpress, wix etc. But if you want to spend money on your website to get some extra features then read full article. You will need to buy these things online.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting

What is domain?

A domain name is an address for internet users or your customer. In easy language for example if you have a shop and obviously it has a address where customers are visiting and they know where is your shop. Domain is an address for a website which mask with an IP. You will type your domain name in browser your website will be open, for example and these are domain name when you type this in browser then website will be open.

What is Hosting?

If you have designed a website  you will need a space to publish your website that space is hosting. There are lots of websites who providing free hosting but i will not recommend to use it because your account can be terminated any time if you are using free hosting. I will recommend you to use bigrock or godaddy, these websites are safe and easy to use and not so costly. You can buy linux or windows hosting from both websites. Many plans are available.

What to do now?

After buying domain and hosting you need to login in your cpanel, cPanel is your server you will get it after purchasing hosting plan. You will see lots of option are available in cPanel like email, seo, softaculous etc. You can create your website by using softaculous because this is the easiest way to create a website. When you will click on softaculous you will see a list of apps like this.

Select an app as your requirement like if you want to create wordpress website then you can create it online, no need to design offline and upload. You can create online forums, website, blogs, social network, classified etc by using softaculous. I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. Please comment here if you want to ask anything. Thank you


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Adil Rasheed
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